3 thoughts on “Introduction: Alice Fletcher’s Field Diaries

  1. Robbie Paul

    I am very interested in this reserach of Alice Fletcher and her work on the Nez Perce Reservation. I am Robbie Paul the daugther of Titus Paul and the grand daugther of Jesse Paul, who according to our family oral tradition worked with Alice Fletcher helping to plot the allotments on the Nez Perce Resevation. Jesse had attended the Carlisle IndIan Government Borading school, arrivng on February 20, 1880 from the exile camp of the Nez Perce in Oklahoma. He was at Carlisle for 8 years returning to the Nez Perce Reservation in 1888.

  2. Loran Olsen

    Thank you, Nicole, for this excellent work in pinpointing and making reasonable attempts at interpreting the daily happenings mentioned in Alice Fletcher’s diaries. Your meticulous efforts are helping clarify time frames, personal interrelationships, and the political climate of these disruptive years for the Nez Perce people. Family oral histories can be enhanced and given support by Fletcher’s written jottings and by the beginnings of sound recordings of Nez Perce voices that appeared only a few years later.

    My appreciation,
    Loran Olsen


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